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Venus orbiter, lunar constellation and exoplanets telescopes among candidates as China selects new space science missions
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Earth Science - news source logo

Escaping Gravity and the struggle to reshape NASA - news source logo

Avio gets pandemic recovery funds to develop launchers for the 2030s
Avio - news source logo

China looks to launch liquid propellant rockets from the seas
Galactic Energy - news source logo

CAPSTONE heads to the moon
Advanced Space
CAPSTONE - news source logo

Ovzon needs to piggyback another Ariane 5 ride for late 2022 launch - news source logo

House appropriators reduce proposed budget for FAA commercial space office
commercial space launch
FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
House - news source logo

Rocket Lab sees payoff from CAPSTONE launch - news source logo

Northrop Grumman selects Airbus to supply satellite buses for U.S. military constellation - news source logo

NASA administrator tests positive for COVID - news source logo

SpaceX launches SES-22 C-band replacement satellite
SpaceX - news source logo

New Zealand joins ASAT testing ban - news source logo

Agile to consolidate operations in new Colorado plant - news source logo

Space Force considering strategy for procuring national security launch services - news source logo

Virgin Orbit ready for first night launch
Virgin Orbit - news source logo

NASA and Roscosmos continue seat barter discussions
Crew Dragon
NASA - news source logo

Space Force acquisition chief to meet with ULA and Blue Origin, expects Vulcan to launch in December - news source logo

Kepler books orbital transfer vehicle for next launch
Kepler Communications - news source logo

ULA’s Atlas 5 launches U.S. Space Force experimental missile-warning satellite - news source logo

NASA prepares to release first JWST science images