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What You Can And Can’t Trust In Crypto
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OKX to Return $157M in Frozen FTX Funds - news source logo

Sky Mavis Signs Deals With Directive Games, Bali Games, Tribes, and Bowled to Build Web3 Games
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Gravity’s Cosmic Spotlight: Unveiling a Monstrous 30-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Through Light-Bending Phenomenon
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Montenegro hints U.S. may get to extradite Terra fugitive Do Kwon ahead of South Korea - news source logo

Ethereum Hits Supply Deflation Record as ETH Burning Accelerates
ETH Price
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Gemini to Launch International Derivatives Platform Amid Binance Regulatory Woes
Binance News
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Hong Kong may license at least 8 crypto firms by year-end: former SFC regulator - news source logo

The First Extraterrestrial Application of Magnetotellurics: New Instrument Delivered for Lunar Lander Mission
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JWST has spotted the earliest black hole ever seen in the universe - news source logo

Billionaire Mike Novogratz Predicts ‘Substantially Higher’ Bitcoin and Crypto Prices Amid Banking Woes – Here’s His Timeline
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Terraform Labs Co-Founder Daniel Shin Appears in Court for Interrogation
Daniel Shin
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DYDX Price Soars Despite Growing Pessimism
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Binance denies China ties, says it started relocating staff out of China in 2021
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Brightest gamma-ray burst of ‘all time’
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Unseenlabs will launch its 9th satellite
Earth observation
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Bitcoin Taps $29,000—Why BTC May Never Revisit Its Previous Lows
Bitcoin Analysis
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Bitcoin climbs above US$28,000, XRP leads winners for the week, U.S. equities jump
BTC - Bitcoin - news source logo

Play-To-Own – Paving the Way for the Next Generation of Games
HodlX - news source logo

Did the SEC Target Spicer Jeffries for Being Crypto-Friendly?
Crypto Regulations
Gary Gensler